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Sunday, May 1, 2011



ProSolution is the COMPLETE VIRILITY formula for men

Kod: LUK-39 / LZB - 21
 Kini Harga: RM280

Product Name: Volume Pills™ Description: Most men desire to have powerful ejaculations, the type where a huge quantity of semen is released for their woman. Sadly, many men experience a sharp decrease in ejaculate volume, orgasm intensity, and overall sexual performance, as the years go by.

VolumePills is a formula with specific ingredients that is intended to increase the quantity and power of your ejaculations and enable you to have intense orgasm in safe and effective manner. VolumePills are manufactured in a cGMP facility using 100% natural herbs. It is completely safe and has no side effects. Benefits: Within months, thousands of men have achieved the following results:

Increase in sperm volume - Stimulate sperm and testosterone production in the testes so that when it’s time to ejaculate I found a huge increase in sperm.

Increased male fertility & sperm quality - VolumePills provide the nutrients needed to produce high quality thick sperm with good motility and life.

Experience rock hard erections - Provide you with harder erections which can mean more pleasurable sex for you and your partner.

Longer more intensified orgasms - When you produce more sperm your orgasms are more intense and last longer resulting in more satisfying sex.

Increased libido, stamina, and desire for sex - The natural ingredients act as an Aphrodisiac and increase your sexual desire meaning 1 session will not always be enough.


Solidilin™ - Improve sexual satisfaction and motivation.
Xi lan rou gui and Hong hua fen - Are both vasodilators, meaning they open up the blood vessels to encourage more blood flow. In other words, they can increase blood flow to the penis, causing an erection to occur.

Ku Gua - Increased semen production and sexual desire; incredible aid to those with diabetes and indigestion; reduce body fat.

4', 5, 7-Trihydroxyflavone - Used primarily in the prevention and treatment of cancer; keep your sexual organ healthy and functioning properly over the long term.

San guo mu - Regulating blood pressure and heart rate, this herb works to pace the body, which has been seen to be an incredibly beneficial trait during sex.

Dong Chong Xia Cao - Increases testosterone production.

Zinc Oxide - Aids in sperm motility and quality, thus increasing fertility and sexual vigour.

Ling Zhi - Increase stamina and energy.

Xian Mao - Natural alternative to Viagra.

Tian Men Dong - Aid males suffering from sexual debility and impotence.

Drilizen™ - Increases testosterone production.

Fucus Vesiculosus - Promote thyroid health and is also used in cases of high cholesterol, arteriosclerosis, obesity, and exhaustion.


Packaging: 60 tablets / box Direction of Use: First 4 - 6 months: Recommended dose of 2 tablets per day taken with a meal; 1 tablet per day afterwards. Reviews:
"I am so glad I came across this product, VolumePills™. When I ejaculate the feeling is so much greater and it has increased up to 3 times the amount and a lot thicker from when I was not using VolumePills™, as my orgasms are more powerful than I have ever felt before in my lifetime. My erections are at a healthier state from using VolumePills™, as from before to now they are a lot stronger and heathier."
 - Alexis, Australia

“My partner does not know i use this product and said that i was getting younger i am 56 and now have sex more frequently and with out the use of Viagra.” - John Machaiek, U.S.A.

“Since i've begun using your product my orgasims have been icredible! Never have i experienced such a rush of explosions when i climax. My wife has also experienced mulitple orgasims for the first time!” - Mike Schaefer