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Sunday, April 17, 2011

DIEM Cream For Man

DIEM Cream
For Man

Kod: LKK-05
Kod: LTL-26

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Diem Oil

Diem Cream

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Kini Hanya RM69.00


DIEM Cream - Massage Cream for men (New Formulation)

DIEM Cream is formulated for immediate enhancement of blood circulation via topical application. DIEM Cream contain the extracts of Hirudo Medicinalis (Medicinal Leech) and is also enhanced with Tribulus Terristeris for enhanced micro-blood circulation.

You will never again worry whether you can “sustain the distance” because your erection will remain firm for longer and infallible for many, many, long minutes. Ultimately, no need to worry about premature ejaculation!

But how does DIEM Cream work?

It is very simple. Your penis is constituted of two sections with small internal cavities (rather like a sponge). An erection occurs when you are excited and the blood rushes to fill the spongy tissues. DIEM Cream is a vanishing cream, designed to increase the capacity of these tissues substantially. So, the erectile tissues will contain far more blood than usual. This means you will have a much bigger penis and a much stiffer erection! And ultimately? A much longer, thicker penis that is harder and with more staying power!

All this is achieved without the following:

... Without extensive “Penis” excercise ... Without A Penis Pump ... Without SEX Pills ... Without expensive Surgery and Without any undue Stress... With DIEM Cream, it is easy to obtain results in just a few short days...

How Long Before I Can Expect Some Results?

Below, the most reasonable results you can expect:

From The First 7 days: 
During this period, the most significant change will be an increase in the thickness of your penis. You will also experience longer and better quality erections.

After The 21st day: 
You will observe a remarkable increase in the length of your penis. Even at rest, your penis will be longer and thicker than before. When you look in the mirror, you won't believe your eyes. And you will ask yourself: 'Is that really still my penis'?

After The 40th day: 
You will obtain an erection at the slightest touch. These erections will be firmer and more durable than you ever believed possible. You can then stop - because your penis may have increased by up to 3 inches

But there are many other advantages to using DIEM Cream :

• An increase in your pleasure and sensations during the sex act

• An improvement in the erectile capacity of your penile tissue

• Improved blood circulation to your penis

• General benefits to your sex confidence

1. How does DIEM Cream work?

DIEM Cream’s active ingredients acts on the spongy chambers (Carposa Caevernosa) in the penis, by making them larger. Consequently these chambers have an increased capacity to fill with blood. The result is immediate making the penis is thicker. In addition, one of the components of DIEM Cream facilitates a serious flow of blood into the penis. So an erection is achieved more easily.

2. How should I use DIEM Cream?

A simple daily massage of the penis (under 2 minutes) until the skin has completely absorbed the product. That's it!

3. Are there any side effects?

No. DIEM Cream is a 100% natural formula with no contra-indications.

4. What is the difference between DIEM Cream and the blue pill?

DIEM Cream is not a drug. DIEM Cream is a cream for topical application. It acts mechanically on the body of the penis, contrary to the pill, which has a direct effect on the enzymatic mechanism of an erection. So DIEM cream works in 95% of cases.

5. But, when all is said and done, is the size of a penis so important?

A recent survey clearly demonstrated that if a woman has chosen between an 'average' man and a 'very virile' man as her sexual partner, she will opt for the second without any hesitation, irrespective of his looks or the color of his skin. In addition, a 'small' man feels diminished. A thicker penis gives him more self-confidence and also, improves his ability to give pleasure to his partner and so achieve more enjoyment himself.

DIEM products is guaranteed as all NATURAL. DIEM products is formulated from natural botanicals, herbs or spices and contains no drugs, synthetic fragrances. DIEM products has also
been tested for safety by an Internationally Recognized Lab, in Malaysia. Only the highest quality natural oils, spices and the purest herbs and botanicals are used in producing DIEM

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