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Tuesday, April 12, 2011



Kod: LTL-24

Produk Dari Pengeluar Yang Sama
Studgra Gel
Studgra Liquid

 Harga biasa RM75.00
Kini Hanya RM70.00

Studgra gel
Studgra gel is for external use only. It is good to massage your penis before intimacy, hence prolonging the game and it is suitable for those who suffers from premature ejaculation.

Studgra Gel can also be used for women with dry vagina due to menopause or hysterectomy. Studgra will not leave any numb effect as most of other products do. You can really enjoy 30-60 minutes of sex with Studgra Gel.

Studgra Gel contains substance under a controlled pH condition. Suitable and safe for both couple during the intercourse.

It is best used with Damiana Gold. It is a Homeopathy preparation extracted from soft organic and are safe to the foreskin. Do not worry about any rashes. The pH is so low that you are not required to wash your penis after the application.

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