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Sunday, April 10, 2011



Kod : LUK-08

Harga Biasa: RM 130.00 / seunit
Harga Kami: RM 120.00 / seunit

Have you always craved explosive ejaculation, the kind that allows you to release an enormous amount of semen whenever you ejaculate for your lover?

Have you always wanted to experience orgasms that were so powerful and long that you only ever dreamed about them? Well, this is possible, even achievable with Zemax SX

Zemax SX has a specifically designed formula of volume and potency enhancing ingredients to increase the amount of your ejaculations and give you the most powerful orgasm you have ever experienced in the quickest, the safest, and the most effective way possible. In fact, because Zemax SX are created with all natural herbs in a GMP facility, you can be assured that you will not have any adverse side effects.

Zemax SX formula only consists of completely safe ingredients and is one of the most effective male enhancement products on the market and is 100% guaranteed to work. In fact, the manufacturers of Zemax SX offer a 6 month , money back guarantee; because we are so confident that our product will give you the desired effects. In fact, Zemax SX has been approved and recommended by doctors. Moreover, Zemax SX have been and continue to be rated highly by different industries and customers.

Some of the effects you can expect, when you add Zemax SX to your diet, are as follows:

·A vast increase in the volume of your ejaculate

·Longer, harder erections and over all enhanced quality of erections

·More powerful, longer lasting orgasms

·Enhanced sexual desire, libido, and stamina during sex

·Better self-esteem, more sexual confidence, and the knowledge that you are delivering a massive ejaculation to your lover Overall, you will achieve more power in the bed when you take Zemax SX because you will be receiving the most explosive orgasms you have ever had while 
having the ability to impress your lover with your “shooting power”.
ZEMAX SX Powers up champions!

Lee Chong Wei, 24, National Badminton Player
Ranked 2nd in the world.
His achievements:

  • Gold Medalist in Commonwealth Games 2006
  • Asian Championship (Winner)
  • Sportsmen of the Year 2005
1st single, leading Malaysian team in Thomas Cup 2006 in Japan.

“It takes more than just hard work and sacrifices to bring me to where I am now. Lately, I was introduced to ZEMAX SX and it helps me to sleep better for muscle recovery and tissue repair after my hectic training regime.Endurance and stamina are important elements for my success and ZEMAX SX really helps to keep me going for all my championships”.



Introducing the revolutionary ZEMAX SX, the latest buzz in men's health supplements that will build your muscles, increase your strength and boost your confidence! ZEMAX SX has been clinically proven to increase testosterone levels and muscle power, thanks to its MBP Complex formulation, a proprietary trademark of Mega Lifesciences (Australia) Pty Ltd, and which has been approved by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia.


Registered with the Ministry of Health Malaysia, ZEMAX SX is safe for consumption as dietary supplement.


ZEMAX SX is a non-steroidal (therefore not forbidden for athletes) and all-natural men's health supplement, and is perfect for men who are not only active in fitness and sports, but also for those who want to feel good and look great!

As ZEMAX SX contains all-natural ingredients of minerals and vitamins that our body requires daily, it is safe for long-term consumption. Furthermore, ZEMAX SX does not accumulate in our body.
Recommended Dosage:

* Take 3 capsules of ZEMAX SX before sleeping and on an empty stomach. This is to ensure a higher rate of absorption and since ZEMAX SX helps to promote sleep, the process of muscle recovery and tissue repair can take place smoothly. This is crucial for professional athletes or those who are involved in intense training or exercises.

* For better results, do not take ZEMAX SX with dairy products (e.g. milk) or antacids as these products will interfere with the absorption of ZEMAX SX by the body.


Based on the American College of Sports Medicine, University of Western Washington, USA, a double-blind, placebo-controlled study on 27 NCAA football players found that supplements of ZMA, the key ingredients in MBP Complex(TM) increased the strength, stamina and focus of the players.


The graph below illustrates the results of the Clinical study:


Besides increasing natural testosterone levels, ZEMAX SX helps to facilitate the transfer of oxygen to our working muscles so that our muscles can contract repeatedly without fatigue. This helps to increase muscle strength and endurance.


ZEMAX SX does not stop here, but also helps to facilitate the transfer of MORE oxygen to increase the metabolic rate to metabolize protein into muscle and carbohydrate into energy.


Professional Athletes require more nutrients (vitamins and minerals) to keep up with training, competition and tournaments. ZEMAX SX has been a close 'nutritional partner' with professional athletes like Lee Chong Wei (Malaysian Badminton Player ranked 2nd in the world).


ZEMAX SX helps athletes in:

  1. Building muscle strength: 2.5 times more muscle when compared against placebos for 8 weeks (Western Washington University, USA study on ZMA, the key ingredients in Zemax SX)
  2. Muscle endurance: ZEMAX SX helps to extend exercise time.
  3. Decrease muscle cramps and muscle tension.
  4. Repairing, healing and recovery of muscles from pain.
  5. Decreasing 'elactic acid' in muscles.
  6. Activating enzymes for burning carbohydrate and amino acid.

ZEMAX SX helps to compensate for the lack of testosterone in later ages.
Generally, the male hormone testosterone helps in:
ZEMAX SX helps to increase testosterone levels to express male characteristics. With ZEMAX SX as a supplement to their balanced diet and exercise, can go a long way in helping men right up to their golden years to look and feel good.

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