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Sunday, April 10, 2011



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HARGA KAMI : RM33 ( 6 Sachet)
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WHY is

These 2 unique cosmetic creams are developed to benefit the following penis and groin problems:

• Dead cells and ageing skin
• Fungal, bacteria and itch infected penis and groin problems
• Sweat, smell and odor penis and groin area.

These 2 unique cosmetic creams are developed to indirectly help:

• Clog blood vessels which cause erectile dysfunction
• Sensitive penis head which cause premature ejaculation and
• Prostate symptoms.

Most men with the above problems consume capsules, herbal drinks and energetic beverages with very little results and many reported side effects. Short term effects include headache, fast heart beats, nausea and hangover the morning after. There are many reported incidents where a prolong consumption of these herbal capsules, beverages and drugs causes kidney, liver and heart failure.

Both Sure Up™ Cream and Sure Up™ Cream Plus are application solutions. No consumption is required. The products are developed for external use. It helps men not only with hygiene and cleanliness issues plus it improves blood circulation and removes sensitive penis head issues.

Bad blood circulation and clog urination vessels are the primary cause of prostate infections. These symptoms are highly visible in men above 40. Without early and proper care the risk of enlarged prostate, erectile dysfunction and prostate cancer becomes imminent.


Sure Up™ Cream cosmetic range for men private care was developed in two different series for different penis problems and indirectly provides total penis and sexual solutions.


The 1st series is developed in cosmetic form and the natural essential oil herbs used indirectly helps too:
 Rejuvenate the outer skin texture. These unique effects will help:
   • Provide young and fresh skin texture.
   • Remove dead cells on skin.
   • Keep penis and groin area fungal and bacteria free.
   • Maintain penis and groin area odorless and with long lasting aromatic value.
 Indirectly Improves blood flow in men’s penis. Men’s penis consist 6000 veins. With age, food, lifestyle and repeated use of the penis, most blood veins in the men’s penis becomes clog and ultimately less blood flows through which cause weak erection. The 1st series is developed to indirectly help clear the clogs and allow the smooth flow of blood, which indirectly boost erection and increase size.
 Indirectly prevents future prostate problems. Before and after prostate symptom and diagnosis, urination is known to be a problematic issue in prostate. Reported benefits of the natural essential oils used in this unique cream indirectly helps provide a better urination experience.

What are the symptoms of prostate problems?


  • Need to urinate frequently, especially at night;

  • Difficulty starting urination or holding back urine;

  • Weak or interrupted flow of urine;

  • Painful or burning urination;

  • Difficulty in having an erection;

  • Painful ejaculation;

  • Blood in urine or semen; or

  • Frequent pain or stiffness in the lower back, hips, or upper thighs.

    Source and additional information of prostate problems, visit:

    Series 2 SURE UP™ CREAM PLUS

    The 2nd series is developed in cosmetic form and the natural essential oil herbs used indirectly helps to eradicate the sensitivity of the penis head which is the primary cause of premature ejaculation.

    What is premature ejaculation?

    Many men occasionally ejaculate sooner during their sexual intercourse than they or their partner will like. Premature ejaculation is divided into primary ejaculation and secondary ejaculation.

    • You have primary premature ejaculation if you’ve had the problem for as long as you have been sexually active.
    • You have secondary premature ejaculation if you developed the condition after having had previous, satisfying sexual relationships without ejaculatory problems.

    HOW to use


    • SURE UP™ CREAM must be used once (1 time) daily. It can be used twice (2 time) for faster results. If used once (1 time), it is best to use it after shower in the morning for maximum effect. It is important to understand SURE UP™ CREAM is to rejuvenate the outer skin texture, cleanliness and indirectly helps eliminate clog veins, bad nerves and dead cells. Daily compliance is an important element in the reconstruction of the male sexual organ. No need to rinse or wash penis before intercourse.

    • SURE UP™ CREAM is available in 2 sizes (50g and 25g). The 50g tube content can be used up to 45 days and the 25g tube content can be used up to 21 days. You only need to apply minimal quantity daily. Quantity required per application = toothpaste used per brushing. For faster and better effect, cream must be rubbed in thoroughly once applied.

    • SURE UP™ CREAM PLUS is to be used 1 hour before intercourse. When using for the 1st time it is advisable to use twice (2 times) before intercourse. 1st application minimum 6 hours before intercourse. 2nd application 1 hour before intercourse. Rinse penis with water only before applying the 2nd application. Rinse penis with water at all times before intercourse.

    • SURE UP™ CREAM PLUS is available in 1 size of 5g. The 5g tube content can be used up to 10 times.

    • Application and how to use Sure Up™ Cream and SURE UP™ CREAM PLUS is available in every box on purchase.


    For maximum results, you are recommended to use both the Sure Up™ Cream and SURE UP™ CREAM PLUSSure Up™ Cream will assist you in maintaining a healthy penis and SURE UP™ CREAM PLUS will indirectly assist you with penis head sensitivity.

    Immediate results for penis head sensitivity. Increase frequency of penetration. Control ejaculation.

    Results for Sure Up™ Cream is divided into 3 phases.

    For individual who are diabetic, heart problem, prostate problems or old age (above 65), a minimum of 120 - 150 days daily application will be required for your penis care. Two times (2 times) a day application must be adhered to. Once (1 time) in the morning, Once (1 time) before sleep. No need to rinse or wash penis before intercourse.

    PHASE 1
    Experience youthful, healthy skin in 14 days. No more black, red or brown spots. No bad odor. No dry and dead skin. Keeps penis and groin area clean, fungal and bacteria free.
    Important : To experience above results:
                      Sure Up™ Cream must be applied daily without miss.

    PHASE 2
    Experience better urination and blood flow in 30 days.
    Important : To experience above results:
                      Sure Up™ Cream must be applied daily without miss.

    PHASE 3
    Experience healthy penis blood flow in the morning and when you are awake from sleep. Most notably in the morning. A healthy penis blood flow through the penis will indirectly increase erection.
    Important : To experience above results:
                      Sure Up™ Cream must be applied daily without miss for 90days.


    • Effective in inhibiting the c-AMP phosphodiesterase enzyme which are important to increase    “male penis” performance.

    • Source of calcium, iron, sodium and potassium which are essential cofactors in various enzyme   functions.

    • High in vitamin E, A, D, K, minerals and essential fatty acids that leaves the skin soft and   glowing.

    • A circulatory stimulant and tonic to blood vessels and highly beneficial to nerves by increasing   circulation.

    • Therapeutic potential in treatment of poor sperm motility.

    • Powerful immune system stimulant and sorts out most viral, bacterial and fungal infections.

    • Antioxidant that prevents cell damage.

    • Vasodilatation, a well absorb flavonoid and catechin to provide collagen integrity.


    Both the Sure Up™ Cream series are approved by the Health Ministry of Malaysia under the cosmetic control and license bureau.

    • Sure Up™ Cream control and license number: MAL 06091263K

    • Sure Up™ Cream Plus control and license number: MAL 07080845K

    Both the Sure Up™ Cream series is developed with 100% natural and herbal ingredients. No animal, No chemical, No steroid and No alcohol substances are used in the formulation of the Sure Up™ Cream series.

    Highly concentrated extracts, essential oils and water base solutions are used in the manufacturing of the Sure Up™ Cream series. GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), Halal Certification and Islamic Manufacturing Practice standards are used in the development and production of these unique creams.

    No side effects has ever been reported with regards to the content used in Sure Up™ Cream series or any other related product developed with the same or equal substance.


    Natural, Herbal and Essential Oil formulated in these series are:

    BUTEA SUPERBA: The roots and stem of the plant are medicines used for strength and power. In addition, the roots and stem of the plant are considered to help increase male sexual performance.
    The crude extract (used in Sure Up™ cream) showed similar reaction to that of the male aphrodisiac tablet. They produce vasolidatation effect. There fore the extract are composed of substances that are effective in inhibiting the cAMP phosphodiesterase enzyme, which are very beneficial to the human penis. click to view plant

    OLEA EUROPAEA: Also known commonly as Olive Oil. Recent research has shown that olive oil has an excellent moisturizing effect on the skin and leaves a breathable protective film that holds in moisture. Olive oil is high in Vitamin E, minerals and essential fatty acids that leaves the skin soft and glowing. It also contains an abundance amount of Vitamin A, D and Kclick to view plant

    ROSMARINUS OFFICIALIS: It is said to be the herb of lovers, of fidelity and of strong men. Rosmarinic acid is four times more active as an anti oxidant than Pycnogenol, which is 100 times more active than Vitamin C and E. It is beneficial to the nerves by increasing blood circulation.
    The most important constitute of rosemary is caffeic acid. It has therapeutic potential in treatment of poor sperm motility. click to view plant

    EUGENIA CARYOPHYLLUS: Also known as Clove. The first recorded use of cloves is by the Chinese in the first century B.C. during the Han Dynasty (207 B.C – 220 A.D). Cloves is said to be used as an aphrodisiac.
    Japanese researchers have discovered cloves high anti oxidant contents to help prevent cell damage. Its essential oil is effective against strep, staph and pneumomocci bacteria. It exhibits broad anti microbial properties against fungi and bacteria. click to view plant

    MELALEUCA ALTERNIFOLIA: Commonly known as Tea Tree Oil.
    Tea tree oil when blended with cream and applied to the skin help clears up any fungal, bacterial as well as viral infections.
    On the genitor urinary system, it can be used to help clear genital infections in general. click here to view plant

    NIGELLA SATIVA: The extract of this essential oil is a source of calcium, iron, sodium and potassium. Its main function is to act as essential cofactors in various enzyme functions. click here to view plant

  • 1. What is Sure Up blue cream, does it really work?
    Sure Up blue cream is a natural specialty product. When topically applied, the cream helps most men with erect dysfunction, it help erection last throughout sexual intercourse. When applied once (1) daily, it has been proven to help increase penile strength, prolong erection and prolong post ejaculation erections. When applied on a frequent and prolong basis (30 days) it induces erection more frequently.
    2. What is Sure Up blue cream made from?
    Sure Up blue cream is made with 100% liquefied Butea Superba extract, the super potent ingredient only found in Thailand. This super potent ingredient is combined with Nigella Sativa, Rosmarinus Officinalis, Melaleuca Alternifolia, Eugenia Caryophyllus and Olea Europaea. Extensive studies and historically employed in alternative practice for years, the combine super potent are what Sure Up blue cream is made off.
    3. Who needs Sure Up blue cream?
    • Ageing men who wish to remain sexually active
    • Young men who wish to prolong ejaculation and
    • Men who wish to have larger and harder erections.
    Stats 1: 15% of today's men at 40 reports complete erect dysfunctions. Experts estimate 25% of men are troubled by the problem and over the age of 75, 78% of men report being chronically impotent.
    Stats 2: Premature Ejaculation it is estimated to affect approximately 20% of men at any one time, and up to 70% of men throughout their lifetime at some point.
    Stats 3: In a recent survey 70% of women admitted that they could improve their love life if their partner have larger and longer penis.
    Sure Up blue cream will be of interest to all sexually active men. When applied, the blue cream will increase penile strength, prolong erection, and prolong post ejaculation erection. Sure Up blue cream is ideal for men of any age who wish to enhance their sexual abilities.
    4. How should Sure Up blue cream be applied?
    Sure Up blue cream must be applied on the penile area once (1) every morning. Rub in the cream until it is absorbed. Application instruction is included in every box of Sure Upblue cream for your convenience.
    5. How often and long is Sure Up blue cream to be applied?
    The blue cream should be applied once (1) daily in the morning. In seven (7) days erections will elevate more easily and user will experience more active and responsiveness. For maximum results it is advised the cream to be use regularly for thirty- (30) days, equivalent to one (1) tube.
    6. Is Sure Up blue cream safe?
    Unlike other remedies for impotence and erect dysfunctions, Sure Up blue cream is applied topically (external application) not taken orally. No animals, chemicals and banned substance are used in the formulation of the cream. There have been no reports of adverse reaction; however whenever there are questions, your physician is the best source of advice for your own health.

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